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Crate training - 5 weeks

I can't believe we have less than 3 weeks left with these pups. I am enjoying every minute! One of the most important parts of training we do with the pups is crate training. We want to make sure all of the pups are comfortable in a crate so that they can have a safe place to go when their families aren't home as well as be comfortable sleeping in a crate at night. Right now the pups are learning that crates = fun! They get to explore the crate, find treats in the crate, and sleep in it as they wish. Over the next couple of weeks we will start teaching them to follow a treat into the crate and then close the door for short periods of time. Right now, the crate doesn't have a door on it so they are free to explore as they wish.

Puppies exploring the crate for the first time!

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