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Puppies at 3.5 weeks old

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

Dusty's puppies will be 4 weeks old on Thursday, and Beulah's pups will be 4 weeks old on Sunday. I can hardly believe how quickly the time has gone by!

Today we added a bigger area for Dusty's puppies because they are starting to enjoy playing and running around in their pen. They are still doing a wonderful job with the potty zone and have "graduated" from the boot trays to a large rabbit tray. I haven't needed to clean up any potty accidents for several days! Today they are each getting a little time out of their pen in another area of the house. They are very interested in the world and love to sniff around and walk on new surfaces! Of course, one of their favorite things to do is cuddle so they come right to my lap after they have explored a little bit.

Beulah's pups now have their collars! Beulah's males are: Dino (apricot), Teddy (apricot), and Clover (black). Her females are: Butterfly (black), Fishy (apricot), Sunny (apricot), Sedona (apricot), and Princess Kat (black). We are loving getting to know these puppies! Beulah's pups love to have snuggle time in the pen. When I sit in the pen all of the puppies love to crawl into my lap.

Beulah's pups, all snuggled up for a nap!

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