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Puppy Love

The puppies are growing cuter by the day!

Today, Beulah's puppies got an expansion on their pen and their potty zone was moved into a larger area. They caught on immediately! They are starting to wrestle and play more and are enjoying meals of mushy food 3 times per day along with continuing to nurse.

Look at that face!

Dusty and Beulah are both doing a wonderful job mothering their puppies. They spend time nursing them, cleaning them, and are starting to teach them how to play.

Today we will start clicker training with Dusty's puppies. Our current goal is to teach the pups that a click = treat. This is the first step in teaching the pups how to learn.

Weeks 4-8 are my favorite time with the puppies - I love training them and watching them learn new things every day! Stay tuned for more updates.

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