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The puppies are growing fast!

Check back to the blog frequently and we will update you about everything that is going on with the new puppies!

Dusty's puppies are now 3.5 weeks old and Beulah's puppies are 3 weeks old. Both litters have moved out of their whelping boxes and into small pens with a potty area. These puppies are smart! Check out the picture below of them already using their potty area! For the potty zone we are currently using boot trays filled with alfalfa pellets. These pellets smell like grass which will encourage the puppies to use the grass to go potty outside once they are a little older. We also send each family home with some alfalfa pellets which they can sprinkle on the ground to show their puppy where they should go potty. It makes house training a breeze!

The puppies are already using their potty zone!

Dusty's puppies are now wearing collars so that we will be able to tell them apart. The males in her litter are: Coyote (black), Pony (black), Lucky (black), Paws (black), Martini (black), and Ladybug (apricot). The females are: Kitty (black) and Bunny (apricot).

Beulah's puppies will get their collars in a couple of days.

All of the puppies are eating mushy food! They are loving the puppy mush which consists of soaked kibble and puppy formula. The first meals are always a messy business but l

uckily the mamas love to come in and clean everyone up after mealtime.

One of the most important things we do with our puppies here at Durango Poodles is the Puppy Culture program! This is a phenomenal socialization program that creates happy and confident dogs who are ready to learn and who can fit into any situation.

Now that the pups are 3 weeks old, our Puppy Culture program really starts to ramp up! This week the pups will be exposed to at least one new thing each day. This can be a toy or an experience. Today, the puppies were groomed for the first time! They did wonderfully and most of them slept through the entire process. This will make grooming much easier when they are adults. They also had their nails cut for the 3rd time (we trim their nails once per week from the time they are born).

We have slightly expanded the puppy pen now that they are getting the hang of house training. Every couple of days we make their space bigger. This gives them time to adjust to finding the potty and also allows them more space to play as they grow. Dusty's pups are just starting to figure out that playing with each other is fun!

If you are interested in adding one of these wonderful pups to your family, give us a call at 970-903-6145!

The puppies have moved to their bigger pens

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